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Praise and Worship Leader

Pray for Senior Pastor, ministerial and administrative staff and Church family. •Attend church services, bible studies and church outings•Support the church in financial endeavors (tithes and offerings, love offerings,etc)•Arrive early and be prepared for all worship services and scheduled meetings/rehearsals.•Establish and foster exemplary relationships with staff/non-staff workers, church members, business partners and the community at large.Must be a worshiper and demonstrate a lifestyle committed to Christ. •Demonstrate competent (and expanding) knowledge of multiple genres/expressions of worship music –for teaching and execution. •Function with a wide degree of creativity and latitude. •Demonstrate the ability to clearly embrace and facilitate the style of worship expected, gain exposure from various resources, interpret the Pastor’s vision, and integrate it into our worship experiences. •Must be a self-motivated person who is able to be effective when working independently without supervision and produce results.•Must possess a gentle and humble spirit and be willing to grow and be taught.

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Youth Leader


We are looking to hire an exemplary youth pastor/director to lead, guide, and build a dynamic and effective youth ministry. The youth pastor will strive to make all students understand the journey of our souls, encourage students who are interested in the knowledge of God, and support them to develop their love for Jesus and others. You will attend student functions at schools and home school events, grow relationships with the education community, and provide students and their families with biblical counseling. The youth pastor will participate in all church functions and meetings. He/She will report directly to the pastor.

To be successful in this position, you need to provide students with a place to belong that gives them the courage to be different and resilient to unhealthy peer pressure. Ideal candidates should have a proficient understanding of the challenges young people face and is compassionate. The youth pastor/director will have a vision for the youth ministry that will align with the vision of the church.

This is a part-time position with the potential of becoming full time.

The youth pastor/director will work with the leadership team to help develop the growth and overall development of the church.

Youth Pastor Responsibilities includes but not limited to:

  • Attending and participating in staff meetings.
  • Overseeing, growing, and coordinating the church's youth ministry.
  • Designing, overseeing, and examining curriculum for all programs, events, and classes within the youth department.
  • Leading middle and high school students to encourage their spiritual growth.
  • Interacting with students during Sunday services.
  • Developing positive relationships with students and their parents.
  • Sharing program plans through social media.
  • Displaying a Christ-like approach and lifestyle and praying regularly for young people in the church and community.
  • Incorporating youth into various church ministries for His use.
  • Growing students who are interested in the knowledge of God and His Word.
  • Coordinating events for youth at church and the community
  • Responsible for coordinating volunteers.

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